2-Way Solenoid Valve    H202U-E6A


Valve typediaphragm type direct operated poppet
Valve operationnormally closed
Number of ports2 way

air, water, DI water (pure water)
diluent, cleaning fluid

Operating pressure range

-90kPa to 0.2MPa
Tube connectiontube inner diameter 3mmφ
Orifice diameter2mm
Response time20ms or less(at pneumatic pressure)

zero leakage, either external or

internal(at water pressure)

Proof pressure0.3Mpa

Ambient temperature

5 to 50℃

Fluid temperature

5 to 50℃(No condensation)

Volume of valve chamber

20μL or less

Mounting orientation

EnclosureIP40 or equivalent
Rated voltage12 VDC

Allowable voltage fluctuation

±10% of rated voltage

Type of coil insulation

Class B(130℃)

Power consumption(Current)


Coil switching noise70dB or less
Material for the wetted parts

body:PPS / diaphragm:EPDM

2Port Solenoid Valve H202U-E6A


2Port Solenoid Valve H202U-E6A Dimensions

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