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bistable rotary solenoid

Bi-stable Rotary Solenoids

Takano’s rotary solenoids use a cylindrical permanent magnet as the rotor and produce true rotational motion from the repulsive and attractive forces induced between the permanent magnet and the magnetic poles in the yoke. Unlike conventional rotary solenoids built to mechanically convert the back-and-forth linear motion (thrust-direction motion) of the shaft into rotational motion, our rotary solenoids produce rotational motion with no axial motion of the output shaft. Models with dual ball bearings ensure a longer life, and holding position at the end stops magnetically reduces system power consumption.  

Self-restoring Rotary Solenoid

Self-restoring Rotary Solenoids

Self-restoring rotary solenoids of True Rotary Motion. They realized silent, highly precise and long life actuation. Lined up with spring-restoring type and magnetic-restoring type.

step rotary solenoid

Step Rotary Solenoids

Takano Step Rotary Solenoid applies the fundamental structure of bi-stable rotary solenoid with additional magnetic poles to enable multi-positional control.
Similar to bi-stable rotary solenoid, the forces of attraction and repulsion between the permanent magnet of the rotor and the magnetic pole generated in the yoke induce rotational (step) motion for rapid switching between multiple positions.

latching solenoid

Latching Solenoids

Latching solenoid is a self-holding linear solenoid using permanent magnets. It is energy-efficient because it maintains its position by the attractive force of the permanent magnets. There are bi-stable type and mono-stable type based on the type of circuit.

optical shutter

Optical Shutters

Optical shutters are controllable in milliseconds. Based on bi-stable rotary solenoid technology, Takano Bi-stable Optical Shutters offer high dynamic response.


Solenoid Valves

Chemically inert solenoid valves for various applications. Employing highly chemical/corrosion resistant materials and the unique valve structure to prevent liquid contamination allow Takano Solenoid Valves to be ideal for medical, diagnostic and analytical instruments.

Proportional Solenoid Valve

Proportional Solenoid Valves

Takano’s proportional solenoid valve was originally designed to control gas flow in medical and semiconductor use. Due to its pilot valve structure, it is extremely small in size.

mass flow controller

Compact Mass flow Controller

It incorporates Takano's proportional solenoid valve, and is ideal for precise and immediate flow control of gas inside medical, analytical and other devices. It offers excellent reliability and design flexibility along with significant cost savings.

pinch valve

Pinch Valve

Solenoid valve for controlling the flow of a fluid supplied through the tube with its pinch. Because fluid only stays and flows through the tube, it is ideal for flow control of blood, chemical, etc.

magnetic hands


Takano electromagnet consists of an iron core and a coil. It absorbs magnetic substances only while energized through the magnetic action induced by electrical current. This compact functional device offers a simple construction, high reliability, and high power. The unique structure to minimize residual magnetism is also the feature of our electromagnet.

magnetic torque

Torque Controller

A torque controlling device with the technology utilizing hysteresis loss induced by the relative rotation between the magnetic hysteresis disk and multi-pole magnetic disk.

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  • Applications

    Light Control

    Recommended for applications such as,

    * light shielding

    * light polarization

    * optical path switching

    * light intensity adjustment

    * color adjustment

    control light optical shutter rotary solenoid control light optical shutter rotary solenoid

    Sorting / Screening

    Recommended for applications for sorting and screening.

    sort screen rotary solenoid sort screen rotary solenoid

    Lock / Positioning

    Recommended for applications such as,


    *locking device

    *material absorption

    lock positioning coin stopper rotary solenoid lock positioning coin stopper rotary solenoid


    Recommended for requirements such as,

    *to quickly switch the flow passage 
    *to shut the flow passage
    *to control flow rate

    valve rotary solenoid valve rotary solenoid

    Tension Control

    Recommended when you need to hold a tension constant.

    tensiong control torque controller tensiong control torque controller

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