Compact Mass Flow Controllers

Product Introduction

The flow rate output can be adjusted to the specified flow rate value. The output flow rate is not affected by changes in operating pressure or environmental temperature, and the flow rate can be controlled with high accuracy.

  1. High reliability system at low cost.

    The proportional solenoid valve is combined with a flow sensor for measurement and a controller to achieve high reliability and low cost.

  2. Compact and lightweight, ideal for confined spaces.

    A small proportional solenoid valve, a flow sensor, and a controller are integrated into the system, making it lighter (about 200g) and more compact than if they were installed separately.

  3. Enables high-speed and highly accurate flow control.

    The built-in proportional solenoid valve and flow sensor provide stable flow control within 2 seconds (±5% F.S.) in all flow ranges.

  4. Custom specifications are also available.

    We can customize the shape and characteristics to suit your design.

Series Comparative Table

Compact Mass Flow ControllerSMFC Series

  • Low-cost resin body type with minimal functions.
  • Compact and lightweight, ideal for confined spaces.
  • Custom specifications available.


  • Gas flow control for analytical and environmental measuring instruments.
  • Gas flow control for anesthesia machines and oxygen concentrators.
Model Rated
flow rate
Comm Setup
SMFC-0005 12VDC NC 5L/min 0.05~0.2
Serial 0.01L/min
SMFC-0020 12VDC NC 20L/min 0.15~0.3
Serial 0.01L/min

Product Features

All-in-one valve, sensor, and controller.

  • A small proportional solenoid valve, flow sensor, and controller are built into the unit, making it lighter ( approximately 200g) and more compact than if it were installed separately.

    Furthermore, it is possible to design a smaller and more cost effective system by adding a pressure reducing valve.
    Please inquire.

Flow Control

  • When a set flow rate is entered, the output will match that flow rate. The response time to reach the setting is less than 2 seconds. The control error of the output flow rate is 5% or less of the set flow rate.
  • Maintains output flow rate even if the pressure or temperature changes. Ideal for applications where the same flow rate needs to be maintained for a long period of time or where the output flow rate needs to be changed in stages.