Compact Mass Flow Controller (MFC)

Our unique proportional solenoid valve, a flow sensor and controlling electronics are all integrated into one compact package, the mass flow controller SMFC-0012. It is ideal for precise and immediate flow control of gaseous substance used in medical, analytical and other devices. It offers excellent reliability, design flexibility along with significant cost savings. 1. High reliability along with significant cost savings【valve, sensor, controller are all-in-one】

Takano has integrated its miniature proportional valve, a flow sensor and their controlling electronics into one compact package, the mass flow controller SMFC-0012. There is no pipe and least wiring inside the package. This allows to minimize the risk of detachment and leakage of the pipes and disconnection of the wires. As such, the MFC will assist you to reduce parts and your processes from design to assembly that lead to higher reliability of your product as well as saving your cost. 2. Compact and light. Ideal for limited space.

It is compact in size and light weight(approx. 200g). Compared to installing valve , sensor and controller separately, it will significantly save space and gives you flexibility in design.

3. Precise and immediate flow control

The combination of our unique proportional solenoid valve and the flow sensor allows consistent flow control of variable volumes from 0 to 12 L/min within 2 sec(+/- 2%FS).

4.Custom Design Solutions

We also offer custom-made products. Flexible customization is our expertise. Wide range of Takano’s solenoid solutions with integration of desired functions provide the most exact solution to your unique requirements.

Compact Mass Flow Controller (MFC)

Series list









Setup input



Mass Flow




0.15 to 0.3Mpa

0 to 5VDC



solenid valve


0.25Mpa or less

0 to 13.5VDC

Please refer to each product page for detail specifications.

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