2/3 Way Solenoid Valves for Chemical Liquid

Takano's Compact 2-Way/3-Way Chemically Inert Solenoid Valves are specifically designed to control the flow of chemical liquid inside medical, diagnostic and analytical instruments. Not only the highly chemical resistant materials employed, their unique internal structure and external shape brings various benefits to the application design.


1. Smooth flow prevents chemical contamination
 【Diaphragm type direct-operated-poppet-valve】

Diaphragm type direct-operated-poppet-valve structure of Takano Solenoid Valves simplifies the internal structure of the valve chest inside. This allows smooth flow of the liquid and prevents chemical residue which becomes the cause of chemical contamination.

2. It's flat and slim. Multiple units can be set in limited

One of the unique features is their shape. Being flat and slim, multiple valves can be set in parallel in limited space.

3. Compatible with various types of chemicals

Takano Solenoid Valves employ resin and rubber materials with high chemical and corrosive resistance for the wetted parts. This enables to be compatible with wide range of chemicals and applications.

4. Custom design to your unique requirements

In addition to the standard lineups, we appreciate to offer custom products to your unique requirements in shape, characteristics, etc.

Applications: blood cell counters, automatic bio-chemical analyzers, clinical chemistry analyzers, electrode analyzers, etc.

Series List

Valve Type Series Features

Diaphram Type Direct

Operated Poppet

W13A Series



◆Power Saving Circuit

  The Power Saving Circuit largely reduces power consumption . It also helps to reduce heat generation and allows to minimize the heat affection to the chemical and liquid. 

◆LED Indicator

 The LED Indicator enables to check the operation status of the valve at a glance.

Diaphram Type Direct

Operated Poppet

H20 Series




Series Comparative Table







of Ports

Operating Pressure Range

Orifice Diameter(mm)



W13A-25A N.C. 24VDC 2×2

-75kPa to +0.25MPa

1.3 0.03
W13A-35A N.C. 24VDC 3

-75kPa to +0.25MPa

1.3 0.03
H202UーE6A N.C. 12VDC 2

-90kPa to +0.2MPa

2 0.065


Universal 12VDC 3

-90kPa to +0.2MPa

2 0.065

Please refer to each product page for detail specifications.

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