Lock / Positioning

To "stop object"

Coin stopper

♦Recommended product

 Rotary solenoid

♦Why recommended

  • *High-speed operation using the repulsive and attractive forces between the permanent magnet and the energized coils.
  • *Self-holding type with reduced heat generation due to power off.
  • *High-precision operation with no axial thrust motion.
  • *Impact noise minimized when stopper with buffer material is used. 
  • *Long life with no sliding parts except bearing. 
Coin stopper Rotary solenoid

To "lock"

Electric lock

♦Recommended product

 Latching solenoid

♦Why recommended

  • *Stays in position using the holding force of the permanent magnet even when de-energized.
  • *No holding current required. Hence, reduces power consumption and minimizes heat generation problems.

Electric lock Latching solenoid

To "absorb"

Work fixation

♦Recommended product


♦Why recommended

  • *While compact in size and energy efficient, it generates high attractive force.
  • *Simple structure leading to high reliability.
  • *Unique structure to minimize residual magnetism. 

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