Self-restoring Rotary Solenoid RSR28/17-SR(-SL)
(spring type)

Return-by-spring type rotary solenoid.
Because there is no axial stroke of the center shaft during the rotation like the conventional rotary solenoid, it will free you from displacement of the load attached. It is suitable for high-precision usage.
Equipped with a stopper in standard and available in various operating angles. The end stops are equipped with buffer material to reduce impact noise.


Travel angle 25° , 35° , 45°
Rated voltage DC12 V / DC24 V 
DC resistance (@20℃) 27.5 Ω / 110 Ω
Inductance (φ=0°) 8 mH / 30 mH
Rotation direction

SR: CW  (when energized)

SL: CCW (when energized)

temperature rise of coil

Δθs ≈ K x W x 1/f (℃)
K = 17 ℃/W (@20℃)
1/f : Duty rate 〔On Time/(On Time + Off Time)〕

Time constant
of temperature rise
5 minutes
Heat resistance class Class E (120°C)
Insulation resistance DC 500 V MEGA, Over 100 MΩ
Dielectric strength AC 500 V, 50/60 Hz, 1 minute
Rotor inertia 1.8 g·cm2
Mass 50 g
rotary solenoid RSR28/17-SR(SL) spring return type

Model number

 rotary solenoid RSR28/17-SR(SL) spring return type type example

 (1)Rotation direction (SR: CW when energized / SL: CCW when energized)
 (2)Travel angle (degree)
 (3)Resistance (Ω) 


Torque characteristics                           Response characteristics (no-load)


To calculate the response speed with load attached, refer to Load and Response Speed in Technical Information.

  ※For improvement and other purposes, specifications, dimensions, etc. of this product are subject to change without notice.


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