Driver Board for Bi−stable Rotary Solenoids


User−Specified Conduction Time

You can set the duration of energization from 1 to 511 milliseconds in 1ms steps for clockwise and counterclockwise rotation. The factory settings have T1 and T2 both set at 14 ms.

Easy Interface With Exterior Equipment

Since the input trigger circuit is insulated by a photocoupler, and since the solenoid power supply (V1 & V2) is independent of the circuit-board power supply, interfacing with exterior equipment is simple and easy.


The board is fully coated from front to back with acrylic coating.


Since we use CMOS integrated circuit technology in the logic and counter circuits, the driver board is energy−efficient. It can obtain a large noise margin, and takes a wide range of power supplies

Electrical Characteristics

Rated Voltage
Solenoid Power Supply Voltage (High)V1-GND 1:12V DC~48V DC
(Low)V2-GND 1:12V DC~48V DC
(please keep the voltage of V2 lower than that of V1)
Circuit Power Supply Voltage VCC-GND 2:5V DC±10%
Rated CurrentSolenoid Output Current(when operating with continuous pulse)
V1, V2 Voltage(V DC) Trigger Pulse Frequency f(Hz) Current(A)
2 5 8
1≦f<5 ×
f≧5 ×
f<1 ×
1≦f<5 ×
f≧5 × ×
Duty Cycle Max 80% Max 50% Max 20%

Circuit Power Supply Current : under 30mA( Vcc-GND 2)[when VCC= 5.0V DC]
Trigger Input Current : 7.5mA DC(Typ)[when VIH=48V DC]

Operating VoltageTrigger Input Voltage IN+ - IN-:

High Level Input Voltage VIH:12V DC~48V DC
Low Level Input Voltage VIL:0V DC~1.2V DC

Insulation Resistance250V DC MEGA, over 5MΩ

between(V1, V2, GND 1)and(VCC, GND 2), between(IN+, IN-)and(VCC, GND 2)
between(IN+, IN-)and(V1, V2, GND 1)

Dielectric Strength1000V AC 50/60Hz 1minute

between(V1, V2, GND 1)and(VCC, GND 2), between(IN+, IN-)and(VCC, GND 2)
between(IN+, IN-)and(V1, V2, GND 1)

How To Set Pulse Duration

By setting the ON-OFF switches on the 9-bit dip switches, you can set the duration of current supply according to the pattern shown in the table below.
Dipswitch SW1 controls clockwise rotation, and SW2 controls counterclockwise rotation.

Duration of
current supply
Dipswitch(SW1, SW2) Note
9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
1ms OFF(0)OFF(0)OFF(0)OFF(0)OFF(0)OFF(0)OFF(0)OFF(0)ON(1)
2ms OFF(0)OFF(0)OFF(0)OFF(0)OFF(0)OFF(0)OFF(0)ON(1)OFF(0)
3ms OFF(0)OFF(0)OFF(0)OFF(0)OFF(0)OFF(0)OFF(0)ON(1)ON(1)
4ms OFF(0)OFF(0)OFF(0)OFF(0)OFF(0)OFF(0)ON(1)OFF(0)OFF(0)
5ms OFF(0)OFF(0)OFF(0)OFF(0)OFF(0)OFF(0)ON(1)OFF(0)ON(1)
6ms OFF(0)OFF(0)OFF(0)OFF(0)OFF(0)OFF(0)ON(1)ON(1)OFF(0)
7ms OFF(0)OFF(0)OFF(0)OFF(0)OFF(0)OFF(0)ON(1)ON(1)ON(1)
13ms OFF(0)OFF(0)OFF(0)OFF(0)OFF(0)ON(1)ON(1)OFF(0)ON(1)
14ms OFF(0)OFF(0)OFF(0)OFF(0)OFF(0)ON(1)ON(1)ON(1)OFF(0)(standard)
15ms OFF(0)OFF(0)OFF(0)OFF(0)OFF(0)ON(1)ON(1)ON(1)ON(1)
16ms OFF(0)OFF(0)OFF(0)OFF(0)ON(1)OFF(0)OFF(0)OFF(0)OFF(0)
200ms OFF(0)ON(1)ON(1)OFF(0)OFF(0)ON(1)OFF(0)OFF(0)OFF(0)
201ms OFF(0)ON(1)ON(1)OFF(0)OFF(0)ON(1)OFF(0)OFF(0)ON(1)
202ms OFF(0)ON(1)ON(1)OFF(0)OFF(0)ON(1)OFF(0)ON(1)OFF(0)
203ms OFF(0)ON(1)ON(1)OFF(0)OFF(0)ON(1)OFF(0)ON(1)ON(1)
204ms OFF(0)ON(1)ON(1)OFF(0)OFF(0)ON(1)ON(1)OFF(0)OFF(0)
205ms OFF(0)ON(1)ON(1)OFF(0)OFF(0)ON(1)ON(1)OFF(0)ON(1)
206ms OFF(0)ON(1)ON(1)OFF(0)OFF(0)ON(1)ON(1)ON(1)OFF(0)
207ms OFF(0)ON(1)ON(1)OFF(0)OFF(0)ON(1)ON(1)ON(1)ON(1)
208ms OFF(0)ON(1)ON(1)OFF(0)ON(1)OFF(0)OFF(0)OFF(0)OFF(0)
209ms OFF(0)ON(1)ON(1)OFF(0)ON(1)OFF(0)OFF(0)OFF(0)ON(1)
210ms OFF(0)ON(1)ON(1)OFF(0)ON(1)OFF(0)OFF(0)ON(1)OFF(0)
510ms ON(1)ON(1)ON(1)ON(1)ON(1)ON(1)ON(1)ON(1)OFF(0)
511ms ON(1)ON(1)ON(1)ON(1)ON(1)ON(1)ON(1)ON(1)ON(1)

How to Connect

Operation Timing

External Dimensions(mm)

For improvement and other purposes, specifications, dimensions, etc. of this product are subject to change without notice.

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