Compact Proportional Solenoid Valve

PSV-03T Series

Main Specifications                         

Model Number PSV-03T
Flow control range
0.04~2L/min 0.1~5L/min 0.6~30L/min
Maximum Flow rate 2.4L/min 6L/min 36L/min
Valve type Direct operated solenoid valve
Valve Operation NC(Normally Closed)
Standard compatible gas type Non-corrosive fluid Air/O2/N2/H2/He/CO2/CH4
Material of gas-contacting parts SUS316/PTFE/FKM
/electromagnetic stainless steel
Valve Seat PTFE
Valve Base(Body) SUS
Ambient Temperature 5 ~ 50℃
Mounting Orientation at will
Fitting Size Rc1/8 or Manifold type
Heat-Resistant Class Class A(105℃)
Orifice size 0.7mm1.5mm3.6mm
Flow Factor Cv (Air) 0.0070.0180.109
Pressure resistance 1.0MPa
Rated Voltage 24V DC
Control current range 0~160mA
Operating differential pressure range 0.05~0.5MPaG 0.05~0.5MPaG 0.1~0.3MPaG
(within the operating differential pressure)
1cc/min or less

External Dimensions

For improvement and other purposes, specifications, dimensions, etc. of this product are subject to change without notice.

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