Generic 2-Port Solenoid Valve

TAV-14 Series

Main Specifications

Model Number TAV-1448
Valve Type Diaphragm Type Direct Operated Poppet
Valve Operation NC (Normally Closed)
Fluid Air
Operating pressure range 0 ~ 0.7 [MPaG]
Fitting size Rp3/8
Proof Pressure 1.05 [MPaG]
Fluid Temperature 5 ~ 60 [℃]
Ambient Temperature 5 ~ 50 [℃]
Ambient Humidity 60 ~ 90 [%]
Flow Factor Cv(Air) 1.7
Orifice Diameter 14.0 [mm]
Effective area of valve 30 [mm2]
Leakage※1 120cc/min
(pressure condition:Primary side 0.5MPaG)
Mounting Orientation at will
Mass 300 [g]
Life Cycle/Durability※2 200 million cycles
Material for
Wetted Parts
Body Aluminum(ADC12)
Sealing material Nitrile rubber(H-NBR)
Electrical Specifications
Voltage Overexcitation 48V DC±10%
Holding Voltage 8V DC±10%
DC Resistance 30Ω±10%
Heat-Resistant Class Class B(130℃)
Either external or internal(at water pressure).
Measured by Takano Co. in a standard testing environment.

Duty cycle

External Dimensions

For improvement and other purposes, specifications, dimensions, etc. of this product are subject to change without notice.

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