Linear Optical Shutter

Product introduction

Takano Linear Optical Shutter MLS-0808 utilizes a Bi-stable Miniature Electromagnetic Actuator to generate the linear motion of the shutter blade. This unique structure enables its use in applications where weight and space are at a premium.

  1. Compact, Low Profile, Light Weight

    In addition to the miniature electromagnetic actuator enabling MLS-0808 to be compact and light weight, the linear motion of the shutter blade makes its body low profile. All of these space saving, easy integration features dedicate to your application to be compact and light weight.

  2. Energy Saving

    MLS-0808 is bi-stable and pulse driven. Energization is only required when closing or opening the shutter.

  3. Mechanical Characteristics

    It can be simply mounted in the light path with 2 screws. Customization of mounting and frame are available.

Series Comparative Table

Bi-stable Linear Optical ShutterMLS-0808

  • The slimmest(2mm) type
    This model is suitable for installation in narrow limited space.
  • Battery-Powered Capabilities
    The built-in permanent magnet allows for low power consumption, making this solenoid shutter remarkably energy-efficient.
  • Economical
    At every stage of the manufacturing process, from design to assembly, this product was crafted with structural simplicity in mind.


  • Shutter opening/closing drive for spectral analysis.
  • Shutter drive unit for optical communication devices, infrared cameras, etc.
Model Solenoid
MLS-0808 34.7×14.5×2 40Ω 5VDC 8×8mm 50ms or less