How to use bi-stable solenoid
External Stops, Drive Circuit

 To operate Takano bi-stable rotary solenoids, external stops are required to define the rotational travel angle and switching of energizing direction(+/-) is necessary to change the rotational direction. The following precautions must be in place before use.

1. External stops

 Except for some models, Takano bi-stable rotary solenoids have no built-in stops. Therefore, external stops must be set separately to mechanically define the travel angle.

 In this case, use rubber or similar buffer material for the stop. Avoid the use of metal stops that causes strong metal-to-metal impact which may lead to failure of the solenoid.

[How to set external stops]
(1) When Takano bi-stable rotary solenoids are delivered (which no stops are equipped), physical relation between the magnet and the shaft D-cut is as shown in Fig. A) or B) below. The state is magnetically balanced and stable.

(2) Before use, turn the shaft D-cut from the as-delivered stable position and then set external stops. In standard, the center point of rotation and the center between stops are 0° as shown in each product drawings. The practical rotation range is up to ± 45° from the center point (total travel angle of up to 90°). Set the external stops within this range.

2. Bi-stable drive circuit

To rotate bi-stable rotary solenoid from one end to the other and return, polarity of energization(+/-) needs to be switched. Fig. 2 shows a typical drive circuit diagram for your reference. We also provide a driver board as an option for operating our solenoids.

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