Bi-stable Linear Optical Shutter LOS0708              New

Takano Linear Optical Shutter LOS0708 utilizes a Bi-stable Miniature Electromagnetic Actuator to generate the linear motion of the shutter blade. This unique structure enables its use in applications where weight and space are at a premium.


◆Miniature Linear Shutter Actuator – Compact, Low Profile, Light Weight

      In addition to the miniature electromagnetic actuator enabling LOS0708 to be compact and light

      weight, the linear motion of the shutter blade makes its body low profile.

       All of these space saving, easy

      integration features dedicate to your application to be compact and light weight.

◆Bi-stable Operation – Energy Saving

  LOS0708 is bi-stable and pulse driven. Energization is only required when closing or opening

    the shutter. ◆Mechanical Characteristics

  It can be simply mounted in the light path with 2 screws. Customization of mounting and frame are





Operating voltage

3.3 -12 VDC

DC resistance

40 Ω

Aparture (Window)

7 x 8 mm

Close/Open speed

≤ 50 ms

Pulse duration

100 to 200 ms

Power Consumption

0.272 W ( at input 3.3 VDC )
3.6 W ( at input 12 VDC )

Operating temperature

-20 to 70 ℃
Life time100,000 cycles
Mass7 g


  ※For improvement and other purposes, specifications, dimensions, etc. of this product are subject to change without notice.


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